Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring in LA

In some parts of the country, it’s hard to believe spring has arrived, what with all the snowy weather and storms. But here in Los Angeles, we’ve got blue skies, blue sea, and flowers bursting out all over. Not to mention - it’s going to be Dodger time again!

How do you put winter behind you? Here are some of the things I do to put the winter months in the rear view mirror:

After work exercise. Gone is the need for early morning sessions at the gym. Now I can take a run along the sand at the end of the work day, with more daylight to guide me through the sunset.

Garage sale. Yes, spring cleaning. It sounds like a cliche, but one of the best ways to clean out the house is to get rid of unwonted items. Whether it’s outgrown children’s toys or that apple-baker your great aunt gave you, having an old fashioned garage sale is a great thing to do. Not only can it put a little extra cash in your pocket, left overs can be donated to a worthy charity of your choice.

Home maintenance. You don’t have to go overboard. Just pick one necessary item and make sure it gets done. So whether that’s cleaning out or replacing rain gutters, or replacing that leaky shower head, just do it. No procrastinating.

Finances. Yes, it’s almost tax time. Spring is the time to get your receipts and your 1040’s in order, whether it’s you putting it all together or your accountant.

Recreation. Have you been longing to take up tennis again? Or learn how to surf? Or do you have a great Los Angeles location you want to visit but haven’t - like the Griffith Observatory for a picnic and a look at the planetarium, or a great dim sum place in Chinatownt? Apply the same principle here as you would to chores - just pick something and do it.

Spring on into spring - that’s my advice :)

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